About N3D


We are a made to order 3D printing shop that tries to print anything and everything we can for our clients.

We love getting presents and we want you to be just as excited when our box arrives. Our prints have to pass the "Necessary" quality test before we ship them off.

Each print is hand crafted and can take a little longer than something out of a factory. But how cool is to tell people "This is 3D printed!"

It Started with One

In 2019, a Prusa i3 MK2 showed up on our doorstep.

We had no idea how one machine would lead to running seven printers and 2 resin machines.

But here we are and we are still growing.

An Unexpected Breakthrough

2020 happened, 'nuff said.

All of our clients cut their graphic design and marketing budgets. We had no work coming in.

We drowned the sadness by slowly learning Fusion 360 to create a few designs for our kids. They loved them so we thought we'd see if others would like them, too.

We are still suprised by how quickly the sales started!

9 Machines Strong

One machine grew to seven, plus two resin printers. What started as creating a few fun things for our fandoms, has grown into a fulltime business.

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