Girl Scout Silver Award Tumbler Lid

Lid Size

Our "In my Girl Scout Silver Award Era" 3D Printed Tumbler Topper is designed specifically for H2.0 Stanley Tumblers. Featuring a heartfelt design, this personalized topper allows you to showcase your dedication to the Girl Scout Silver Award with pride.

Crafted from durable PLA plastic, it offers the flexibility to customize the base color to match your style.

Please note that these toppers cannot be washed in the dishwasher; simply remove them before washing and give a light cleaning with cold water. Express your commitment to the Girl Scout Silver Award and enjoy the convenience of free shipping across the USA.

Order your custom "In my Girl Scout Silver Award Era" Tumbler Topper now and make a statement with your H2.0 Stanley Tumbler!

A Note About 3D Printing

Our 3D printed items are made to order.

Though our products are high quality, they are not perfect or indestructible. Do not expose to extremely high temperatures as plastic will soften and distort. Please handle it with care.

3D printed designs are subject to small imperfections, ridges, stringing, etc. You might see a layer line where it builds up the materials on top of each other or slight stringing.

Our prints are NOT painted. You can easily paint with acrylic paints or an airbrush or spray paints!

Some small prints would present a choking hazard and are not recommended for small children.