Do you need a prototype of your product made?

Or did you find a file onMyMiniFactory,Cults3Dor3D-monthat you want printed?

Either way, we'll look at your file and figure out your price.


How we determine your price:

Materials: You want black glitterglow in the dark, the blood of your enemies? We typically print in PLA, but there are a lot of different materials out there that can affect your price. 

Size: The final dimensions and weight of your model(s).

Time: The amount of time we estimate it will take to prep and print the order. 

Shipping: Custom items don't fall under our free shipping as we can't determine the size/weight beforehand. Shipping will be included in whatever quote is provided. Faster shipping options are available. 

Your Price: All of the information above is used to determine your cost. Keep in mind we don't do any post processing on items so any sanding/painting/etc will need to be done by you. We will print the finished product/mold. All costs include free clean up of the supports and any minor details that need to be cleaned up. 

Once your quote is approved, we'll begin the printing process.

Times for how long it will take to print depend specifically on each project. For example our smaller items take a few hours where our large items could take a few days depending on the size.